Metalhead Nostalgia for Young-Hearted Old Folk

I heard Metallica for the first time in 1985 when I got the vinyl of Kill ‘Em All in Mexico City, where I’m from. Its strong and irreverent sound only reaffirmed my love for metal and rock music in general. I’ve always been a rocker.

It wasn’t until years later that I was able to listen to them live when, after canceling a couple of times, they announced not one or two but five concerts in El Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City at the end of February and beginning of March of 1993

The expectation was something I had never seen before: long lines to buy tickets days before they went on sale; groups of friends organizing night shifts to keep their place in line.

Keep in mind that all of this was before pre-sale or online ticket sales. The best way to get your hands on concert tickets was at the box office. There were even tragic events like the death of a teen who was run over while playing soccer in the middle of the night on Avenida Rio Churubusco.

Flyer for their 1993 concerts at Palacio de los Deportes.

The concerts were a success with sold out dates. The energy of the audience was so great that the band recognized it by including part of their Mexico City concerts in their first live album “Live Shit: Binge & Purge,” which came out at the end of 1993.

Later came more concerts in cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey and others where Metallica’s popularity in Mexico became evident. But you can never forget your first time, especially when it was one of the most exciting moments of your life.

Metallica will be at the University of Phoenix Stadium on August 4 and even though their music has become commercialized – in what they consider to be their evolution, – I will have the opportunity to relive memories and feel like a young-hearted old man.

This column was written by Guillermo Lopez. He is from Mexico City and has lived in La Phoenikera half of his life. He considers himself Phoenikero at heart. He is a fan of rock and the Arizona Cardinals.