Recommendations For Attending Anti-Hate Rallies

Although city officials and residents are vocally rejecting the visit of Cheeto in Chief, it’s happening. Phoenikerxs are ready to rise up in protest (here’s a link to a bunch of different actions taking place) and it’s important to acknowledge that based on recent events, the possibility of violence exists. If you plan on joining these actions, please consider our safety recommendations and some things to do to add to the movement.

Prioritize Safety 

  1. DON’T take your children. As much as this is a historical moment for our country, it is not worth putting their lives at risk.
  2. Attend in groups. If for some reason you go alone, talk to people there and join them. Surely if they’re protesting Trump’s presence, their friendly peeps.
  3. Let people know you will be there. Even if you’ll feel the wrath of your mom’s chancla before leaving the house, it’s better that they know where you are.
  4. DO NOT forget your cell phone. You want to be able to communicate externally if anything happens.
  5. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. Identify the nearest place through which you can leave.
  6. Report suspicious characters.
  7. Avoid gun-slinging-Obama-hating-confederate-flag-lovers.

Prioritize Peace

  1. Be cautious but peaceful above all. Don’t engage with people inciting or provoking violence.
  2. Create a pact of “non-engagement” with your friends so you’re all on the same page about avoiding provocation.
  3. Prevent situations from escalating. If people around you are starting to engage, try to get them back to peace mode.

Prioritize Knowledge

  1. Please know why you’re there. Don’t be the dumb one who’s there just because their friends told them to go. If you don’t know why people are protesting, find out.
  2. An effective protest involves having a common message. If you are going there to show support but you aren’t exactly sure of the message, ask around and learn it.
  3. If you see teens who don’t know why they are protesting (we’ve seen this many times), inform them. Explain to them that ignorance is damaging to the movement and get them on message!
  4. Know your rights! Here’s a resource you can check out before heading over.