What To Expect From Juan Gabriel’s Tribute This Weekend

Juanga died almost a year ago but Phoenikerxs don’t forget. That’s why, Fernando Hernandez, a photographer and event promoter in this beautiful city of La Phoenikera is throwing the second annual tribute to El Divo de Juarez titled “Amor Eterno, recordando a Juan Gabriel” and you won’t want to miss it.

Here’s what’s gonna go down!…

A Juan Gabriel impersonator cuz duh! Omar Dey will make you feel like you’re in front of the Mexican star first on his own then with a mariachi. By the way, you may have seen him and his impersonations in Sábado Gigante!

Last year’s impersonator had the crowd roaring. Photo by Fernando Hernandez & Nightfuse.com.


Mariachi music cuz you know, Juan Gabriel was gold singing with mariachis. Ironic cuz they’re so “manly” and he was so Juanga (“lo que se ve, no se pregunta”). This year’s tribute will have Mariachi Los Caballeros.

Mariachi Aguila had us all crying with their performance. Photo by Fernando Hernandez & Nightfuse.com.


An appearance by Vicente Fernandez (well, an impersonator). Aside from coming out as Juan Gabriel, Omar Dey will also make an appearance as Mexico’s main Charro Vicente Fernandez.

¿Quien dijo Chente?


DJ Nico. This Phoenikero DJ will be spinning Juan Gabriel’s greatest hits throughout the night.

DJ Nico spinning away at one of his Clandestino parties. Photo by Clandestino.


A collective frenzy. Last year this tribute happened right after the passing of Juan Gabriel as a way to honor his musical legacy. The place was packed and there was a sense of euphoria in the crowd because so many of came together to remember the guy we grew up listening to while cleaning, driving, partying, loving, suffering, coming out. It’s going to happen again.

The crowd at the first tribute to Juanga. Photo by Fernando Hernandez & Nightfuse.com.


Tons of dancing and probably tears. There will be El Noa Noa, No tengo dinero, Hasta que te conocí and Amor Eterno. Expect to dance the pain away and most likely to cry. Maybe even expect to make some babies. Who knows!

Bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring your tíos! Photo by Fernando Hernandez & Nightfuse.com.

Event details: 

WHEN: Sunday, August 27 @ 8 p.m. (doors open at 7)

WHERE: The Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. 2nd Ave. Phoenix

HOW MUCH: purchase tickets here $10 presale, $15 at the door