A Black and Brown Pride Party Filled With Joterías

If you’re going to celebrate Pride this weekend but the official Pride party is not your scene, we suggest you check out Booty Pop, the Official Black and Brown Pride Party. Haus of Jotería is the group organizing la pachanga, which they say is by and for queer people of color (and friends/allies).

Haus of Jotería is a collective of queer people of color who want to celebrate and uplift LGBT communities of color through art, music, food and dance. Remember the event One Pulse that happened in La Phoenikera after the Orlando night club shooting last year? That was a Hause of Jotería party and they donated the proceeds to latinx victims.

“We want to show support and solidarity with all LGBT people of color,” says Chela Meráz, who is part of Haus of Jotería. According to the group, Booty Pop is in response to the overall narrative of Phoenix Pride, which is one that not everyone identifies with. “There is a prevalence in catering to gay males so their messaging doesn’t fit a trans Latina, for example” says José Madrid, also from the group.

House of Jotería creates spaces, such as this party, so people feel comfortable, connected, and represented. The group wants people who go to Booty Pop to be aware of who they are and be proud. It’s also a way to be intentionally political, as they want to inspire people to spend their cash and time with organizations that have a positive impact in their own communities.

Now about dat parteh…


At Booty Pop you’ll surely get down with cumbias, banda, house, hip hop and other butt-shaking beats. Actually, they chose the name because they say brown and black people inherently “shake their asses more.” Their Facebook event says it’s gonna be hot and sweaty; that sounds like a pretty good party to us. The music lineup includes local favorites C-DOT, Sol Rebel, Muzicmanme and Some Dude. They’ll also have grub and cheap drinks.

Booty Pop doesn’t intend to compete or throw shade at the Phoenix Pride Festival. The organizers simply want to create other options for people. Major cities that have huge Pride festivals have a broad range of parties and events people can go to. We’re glad Phoenikerxs are moving our city in that direction. After all, Pride is for everyone but we don’t all experience it the same way.


WHEN: Sunday, April 2, noon – 6 p.m.

WHERE: Boycott Bar, 4301 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix


NOTE: Booty Pop is a 21+ event