15 Bands We Demand in La Phoenikera

What’s up with La Phoenikera not having awesome Spanish language bands transmitting new sounds, influences and sensations? The music scene is way too nostalgic and yesteryear seems repetitive to us. We understand nostalgia, we get it, it’s nice, but abusing it can cripple you.

In La Phoenikera we’re promiscuous with the sounds we let into our ears (though sometimes we don’t use protection), but for reelzzz, next time I walk into a venue and hear a watered-down version of Lamento Boliviano, any Maná song, or whatever safe tune from Latin American rock band, and I’ll fucking croak. NO JOKE.

No too long ago you’d go to Modified Arts, MonOrchid, Monroe’s or Ruby Room to hear some cool obscure bands (now I’m being all nostalgic and sh…). There was Paper Heart, Casablanca and many other cool venues on Grand.

Note: We’re only suggesting that there should be spaces that take a risk like these did in their time, not to copy what was done in the past.

Local promoters say that is a hustle to bring small acts, they lose money and people don’t support. Other promotion companies which already have an establish crowd always bring the same acts or don’t know what bands to bring. Blah blah blah. I think things need some reevaluating among promoters and maybe dust off that self-reflection, it’s a good habit and it helps with creativity.

These bands move us to our core for many reasons, some of them are touring the U.S. and those that aren’t can be easily contacted. All we’re saying is that it would be great to bring them and expose them to audiences in our little piece of hell… and if not, at least you’ll have a cool playlist.

  1. Reyno (DF, México)


  2. Little Jesus (DF, México)


  3. Enjambre (Fresnillo, Zacatecas)


  4. Mint Field (Tijuana, Baja California)


  5. Los Macabra (Mérida, Yucatán)


  6. Lost Acapulco (Acapulco, Guerrero)


  7. Coral Casino (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


  8. La Yegros (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


  9. Bomba Estereo (Bogotá, Colombia)


  10. Negro Dub (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


  11. Animal Chuki (Lima, Perú)


  12. Nicola Cruz (Quito, Ecuador)


  13. Love Le Femme (DF, México)


  14. Caloncho (Guadalajara, Jalisco)


  15. Juan Cirerol (Mexicali, Baja California)