Have a Matices Kind of Xmas

Melissa Quintans had a little chat with LA PHNKRA about ¿Navidad? a new Spanish-language production by Matices Theatre Company and she tells us that this new project is a window into contemporary society and approaches subjects like filial relationships, the search for opportunities far away from home, and love in its different facets.

This original play written by Cuban playwright Irán Moya, directed by Germán Alcolea and produced by Melissa Quintans, involves nine characters who get stranded in an apartment complex after a fateful blizzard on Christmas Eve. The forced stay makes them confront aspects of their life that up until that moment weren’t addressed.

The show captures the social dynamics of this country and the lack of connections in an often impersonal society. Photo: Matices Theatre Company.

Because they’re confined to a space, the characters in this play face their reality, the social dynamics of this country and the lack of connections in a too often impersonal society.

The characters include a very peculiar Santa Claus; a tormented woman who awaits her son’s release from jail; two naive teenagers and a rich dude who has a fetish for female robots.

Will the rich dude win Teresa’s main circuit? Photo: Matices Theatre Company.

“The play deals with human relationships, the disconnection and lack of dialogue that often exists because of different circumstances,” says Melissa.

Ok cool, but why should audiences check out this play?

Melissa explains that this show is different from other Latinx and holiday-themed ones because it isn’t regional like most Christmas plays produced in the Valley.

“This play is universal, it has characteristics of stories that could take place anywhere and it isn’t focused on any specific region or culture. A person of Mexican origin, a Puerto Rican or Bolivian person can identify with what’s going on in the play,” Melissa added.

You have three chances to experience this show. Photo: Matices Theatre Company.

The play has no philosophical pretense beyond entertaining and through fun characters, generate an internal reflection about how we deal with our relationships and the space we occupy.

Matices Theatre Company and its ¿Navidad? also, aim to create an experience that goes beyond what’s being presented on stage; they create a space where the spectator can engage in multiple activities like raffles and a photo sesh with Santa.

WHEN: 12/9, 12/16 and 12/23 @ 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: ASU Prep Academy located at 735 E. Fillmore St. Phoenix, AZ 85006

HOW MUCH: Pre-sale $10 and $15 @ the door (call or e-mail for tickets)

CONTACT: 602-380-5273, maticestheatreco@gmail.com

DURATION: 75 minutes