15 Star Wars Bands Whose Albums We Would Buy

In light[saber] of the new craze brought up by the trailer of Start Wars: The Last Jedi, I must share the fruits of a futile conversation that a group of hella blazed Phoenikerxs had a few days ago: names of bands loosely related to Estar Guars and the occasional album cover (shout out to Phoenikero Efrain Robles who helped us out with Los Wookies cover).

This list is what survived from that conversation and it’s engraved on a dirty napkin with remnants of Takis:

1. Los Juan Xolos (Cumbia intergaláctica)

2. Luke & The Whiners (Proto Vallenato)

3. Caminaestrella Musical (Pasito Plutonense)

4. Rey Rey and The Force (Rocket Jazz)

5. Los Wookies de la Sierra (Cosmocorrido)

6. Banda Estrella de la Muerte (Regional Espacial)

7. Suicide Ewoks (GammaRay-Shoegazer)

8. Fart Vaders (Darkside Moombathon)

9. Chuy y los Halcones Milenarios (Retro Doo wop Sideral)

10. The Bespin Clouds (Chimeric Rock)

11. Jedi Pie (Bachata Astral)

12. Leia y sus Rayos Láser (Electropop Celestial)

13. Bobba Fett No More (Black Hole Metal)

14. Malo Maul (Quantic Merengue)

15. Gaylord of The Siths (Venus Goth)

In all honesty, all I really wanted was an excuse to show you the new trailer for the movie in case you hadn’t already.